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European Service at Home is humbled by all of your gratitude. We are truly pleased to work and provide our home care services to our many customers.

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Dear European Service,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know from our family how much we appreciate our caregivers IRIS HILL and ETHAN HILL. As you know, our father, FLOYD BUTER, has been your client for a few years now. We must say that our most recent caregivers, IRIS and Ethan, are the best ever. Without their help, my dad, who is 91 years old, would not even be able to even get out of bed. He depends of them for every meal and his daily hygiene care and comfort. During this month of March, they have been especially attentive to his needs because he seems to be getting weaker. When I talk to him each morning, he has said that he just could not make it without IRS and ETHAN.

They deserve special recognition and I hope you will let everyone in your office and the supervisors know of their good daily care of FLOYD BUTLER always but especially this month.


Gloria and Patricia

Tatyana Taylor is the best caregiver! She is sweet, kind, pleasant, dependable, very helpful, and nice. She comes to clean my house, after her job it looks shiny, bright and very clean! I feel very comfortable with her in my house, she is like an Angel, I love her, she is a treasure and beyond expectations! Thank you very much that you have workers like Tatyana, I feel lucky that you sent her to me!

Tatyana Taylor is the best caregiver

I would like to once again thank your company for the extraordinary services your company provides. My mother, Goldie Belenke, has had the good fortune of having a dedicated and conscientious home healthcare aide, provided by your company for the past 7 years. This remarkable woman, Mila, has enabled my 90-year old mother to live independently for a very long time. I can’t remember a day that Mila has missed during this period. Whenever my mother needs help on a weekend to attend a special event, Mila comes over to make sure she is properly prepared. My mother has been hospitalized numerous times over the past 7 years for various ailments. She has spent brief periods in nursing facilities convalescing, and each time she can’t wait to go home. Without the care your Agency provides, this would not be possible.

Thank you for the extraordinary services your company provides

I am writing this reference on behalf of Maya. Maya is my granddaughter and has been my caregiver her two years. During that time, she has shown me that she is hardworking and very reliable. Two years ago I needed surgery after an unfortunate accident, which put me in a wheelchair for over a year. Maya always showed up on time and was dedicated to help me. During the time that I was rehabilitating from my surgery, I was feeling depressed. Maya took the time to talk to me and was very patient with me. Not onlce have I seen Maya become overwhelmed by a given task and she always made sure to get me all my doctor appointments. Her assistance and compassion got me out of my depression and I was able to recover from my surgery. Maya has shown me her commitment to taking care of me. I would also like to thank European Service at Home for providing me with a qualified caregiver. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I am writing this reference on behalf of Maya

Gloria is a very personable, nice, and upbeat person. We are very satisfied with her work. She is punctual and a good worker, and we’re happy to have her here.

Gloria is a very personable, nice, and upbeat person

I am writing this letter in regards to Gloria. From the first day she came to my home to clean, I was very comfortable with her being here. She is definitely a very hard worker. Plus she goes out of her way to please you. She also gets along well with my dogs. I truly enjoy her and it’s a pleasure to be around her. I am truly blessed to heave Gloria in my life.

I am writing this letter in regards to Gloria

Tatyana has been my caregiver for over a year. She always comes on time, always dresses very well, and takes very good care of my needs. I am very lucky to have her. She is truly an asset to your company.

Tatyana has been my caregiver for over a year

If you can find more help like Gloria, you will do good. From the first day I knew I had a good one. When I had home health, I got rid of 2 I didn’t like. Gloria wants to get me someone when he’s on vacation. I said NO and I meant it. She’s a very good friend also. After I have an appointment, I’ll let her come and go – my house is always clean. Thanks so much and God Bless.

If you can find more help like Gloria, you will do good

Gloria has been cleaning for me for 3 weeks. It’s not a long time but she is a very good cleaner. She is a very very nice person and a joy to see.

Gloria has been cleaning for me for 3 weeks

Gloria is a very good worker. She is very pleasant to be around. I always look forward to seeing her.

Gloria is a very good worker

Lubov is doing a very great job. She is responsible and very accurate. She takes care of cleaning my mother’s place, doing laundry, making her bed, helping her shower, preparing her food, and more. Lubov helps my mother shop twice a week. She knows the exact food my mother likes and what she is allowed to eat. She reminds my mother to take medicine and keep doctor’s appointments as well. By taking a real interest in my mother’s needs, Lubov has become very close to her. She drives my mother around to stores and doctor’s appointments. She also helped my mother to rehab after surgery by taking walks with her. While my mother was in the hospital, Lubov visited many times. On holidays and my mother’s birthday, Lubov always brings presents and cake. When Lubov cooks at home, she always brings something to my mother as well and my mother really appreciates it. My mother and I are very thankful and appreciate everything that Lubov has been doing. Great job! I am also grateful to your office that my mother has such nice care.

Lubov is doing a very great job