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European Service at Home is humbled by all of your gratitude. We are truly pleased to work and provide our home care services to our many customers.

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Dear European Service,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know from our family how much we appreciate our caregivers IRIS HILL and ETHAN HILL. As you know, our father, FLOYD BUTER, has been your client for a few years now. We must say that our most recent caregivers, IRIS and Ethan, are the best ever. Without their help, my dad, who is 91 years old, would not even be able to even get out of bed. He depends of them for every meal and his daily hygiene care and comfort. During this month of March, they have been especially attentive to his needs because he seems to be getting weaker. When I talk to him each morning, he has said that he just could not make it without IRS and ETHAN.

They deserve special recognition and I hope you will let everyone in your office and the supervisors know of their good daily care of FLOYD BUTLER always but especially this month.


Gloria and Patricia

I made personal phone call to you yesterday in regards to Faranak. She is caregiver assigned to my Mom, Marina O. Pagsanjan residing in Schaumburg, IL. My name is Nelia Villalon, and I am a daughter of Marina who also has the Power of Attorney.


In behalf of my family, I would like to thank your company for providing a very good, caring and responsible caregiver, Farahnak Norouzi. My Mom has dementia and has difficult times relating to caregivers. Farah, as we call her is the only one that Mom became comfortable and has a good relationship with. Farah is very patient and very attentive to my Mom’s different mood and caring and loving. She takes time to take care of her, and able to talk to her attentively that my Mom is able to listen and relate to her. Her patience again is outstanding. Her honesty is also commendable and will let us know truthfully the status of my Mom. We truly appreciate that.


Again, I cannot thank her enough for a job well done caring for our Mom.


Nelia Villalon

Dear Ms. Iveta Sotirova,

Dear Tara,

Thanks for being a wonderful addition to my Mom’s life! She really appreciates all that you do & how kind you are.


Thanks for being a wonderful addition to my Mom’s life!

Your kind expression of sympathy will always be remembered. Thank you

Family of Willie A. Davis (Ann) 12/19/2016

I would like to provide feedback for my supervisor, Auricelia Wetzel at McHenry Office of European Service at Home. My name is Joseph Antonelli and I’m an HCA working for approximately 2 years. I started at the Grayslake office under the supervision of Irina Extrine. I was very pleased with both Irina and Auricelia. I was very happy that the McHenry office opened since it’s closer to my house for in-service training. I can now say that after working for a while now under Auricelia that she is an excellent supervisor….she cares about both the client and the employee and it shows in all she does. Her quality of work is outstanding and attention to detail is second to none. I have always been able to communicate with her about any situation or problem that may have arisen and she handles it with aplomb. She always goes out of her way to help and make sure that I am aware of all the ins and outs of each client. She keeps me up to date on all the important news of the organization with texts and phone calls. I realize she’s very busy with all the clients and employees, timesheets, paperwork, etc. and now she has help in the office so that should improve the flow of information. I feel excited to go to work each day knowing that she has my back and I have hers. I report whatever issues I see at the client house, etc. and I know she listens well. There was only one occasion in which I felt bad or alone but I realize now it wasn’t her fault. Sometimes I have trouble with her accent but I’m more used to it now it isn’t an issue for me. Overall she is one of the best supervisors I’ve ever had and this is one of the best jobs I ever had. I enjoy helping the clients and I work hard to make them feel at ease and happy with my work. And Auri encourages and makes you feel good about yourself even if you don’t yourself. She inspires confidence and brings out the best of your abilities…always complementing you on your good work but also stern when it comes to your mistakes. Auri is a credit to the organization and should recognized as such.

Sincerely, Joseph T. Antonelli (HCA)

I immediately felt I was dealing with an experienced, professional company after I received a phone call from Auricelia @ European Service at Home Inc. I was told within a few short hours I would receive a name of an experienced care giver. Sure enough, I received another call from Auricelia who stated, she had a very professional care giver in mind to assist me at my home. I was to meet Sandy Kleeman at my home at my earliest convenience.

Upon meeting Sandy, I felt very confident Auricelia had made the right choice. Sandy made me feel very safe and comfortable. Sandy showed great care when assisting me with transferring to and from my wheelchair. Her assistance with my showering and dressing me with clothing is top notch. Sandy also has proven herself with meal preparation and assisting me with errands.

I am very appreciative of European Service at Home Inc. for finding me such a wonderful caring professional.


Warmest regards from Dennis Sebastian (10/20/16)

She is very helpful to me and see what to get taking care of. I enjoy her very much.

June Vaugh

I want Marie to come all the time (09/23/2016)

Teresa (European Service at Home), I was so impacted by your service and lovely, positive vibe of your day program. As I move forward with my career  at Catholic Charities, I will forever be grateful for the experience I had with you today. You are an angel doing beautiful work!


Warmest regards from Suzanne Shipley (09/15/16)

Tonia Riley has been our caretaker for 24 years, I feel that she does an excellent job, and she is always on time, she held sometimes even if her time is up. She does whatever I need done. At this time we are requesting an increase in her wages. Thank you for your time.

Lydia and Charles Overton

Thank you for your time!

Larissa is the first caregiver I’ve had and she is a joy to be around. She comes on Wednesday to help me with cleaning and shopping. She is efficient with her time in doing many tasks around my apartment. I can always count on her to come and help me. I feel comfortable with Larissa in my home. She is kind and attentive. We enjoy conversations and share recipes, cooking ideas, and health topics. I feel anyone who has Larissa as a caregiver is truly blessed. When she leaves, I know my home will look clean and that truly makes me happy!

Larissa is the first caregiver I’ve had and she is a joy to be around

Since Hope has been assigned to take care of my needs, I have been very pleased with her. She is very helpful. When she is asked ot wash the dishes, do the laundry, or go shopping for me or with me, she is very willing. She is a person who works well with the elderly and handicapped. I am very fortunate to have Hope as a home health aide. Thank you!

I have been very pleased with Hope