Quarterly Training

All employees must submit the FACE TO FACE and Quarterly Conference Form for 4th QTR no later than: 12/31/2020, 12pm.
If you experience any issues completing this form, please contact your Direct Supervisor


Training Instructions for the Learner

In order to review the In-Service training materials on-line, you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat program to complete the Quarterly In-Service Training Session. If you do not have the program in your device,  please contact your Direct Supervisor for completing the mandatory In-Service training session.

When you are studying for the Quarterly In-Service training on your own, please do the following:

  • Open the European Service at Home webpage : click here or go to https://europeanservice.org/
  • Under the Careers open Quarterly Training page.
  • Under “ Important Documentation” you will find all material for 4th  QT in-Service Training.
  • Read through all the material. You may find it useful to print it out and have a highlighting marker nearby as you read. Highlight any information that is new to you or you feel is especially important.
  • If you have questions about anything you read, please send email to our RN Lovejoy  at: lovejoy@europeanservice.org
  • Download the 3rd  QT IN-SERVICE FACE TO FACE form,  click here
  • Complete and sign  the 4th  QT IN-SERVICE FACE TO FACE form. If you are not able to  complete and sign the above form online, please print, complete by pen and send the complete and sign form to your Supervisor.
  • Before to submit form, please SAVE completing and signed the 4th  QT IN-SERVICE FACE TO FACE form on your devise.
  • Hit the bottom submit after you completed and signed  first and second page of the 4th QT IN-SERVICE FACE TO FACE form. If you are not able to submit the form, please contact your Direct Supervisor or HR Department by email: hr@europeanservice.org




Important Documentation: