How to choose a retirement location

So it’s here! You made it! It’s finally time to retire! What a great feeling! Have you done your homework about a possible retirement location? Keep in mind that during your retirement years, your needs will keep changing. Additional services and assistance with home care and home health care are important factors to consider. Also, quite commonly, for whatever reason, transportation needs change with retirees as well. When any of these needs start to change, it is crucial that you make sure that all of these services are offered in the areas where you are thinking about retiring.

Do you have family members in the area? Choosing a retirement location near family members can provide much needed companionship and assistance. And, let’s face it. It’s just nice to know you’re loved ones are around to check on your wellbeing every once in a while!

Be mindful of your budget if purchasing a new retirement home. If you buy one you can barely afford, it leaves little room in your monthly expenses to cover unexpected home care, home health care and transportation needs. Live a lifestyle you can afford and your worries will be none.

We all know the first thing that goes through our minds here in the Midwest when winter hits. “Oh my gosh! I am retiring in Florida or Arizona!” Let’s think about this for a second. Take the hot, humid summer days we sometimes experience here in the Midwest and times that by 20! Then add those nasty no-see-um bites and bugs bigger than birds! If you decide to move to a hot, humid location, be prepared for sweltering summers and a huge air conditioning bill! Visit the places you’re interested in for an extended period of time during the summer just to be sure you can tolerate it before investing in a property there.

Make note of what you love to do to fill your days. Think about your hobbies and social interactions. Is it bingo or woodworking? Is it gardening or swimming? Or, is it cooking or hiking? Whatever it is, make sure you are surrounded with the facilities or natural resources to support what you love to do! The local libraries and park districts are a wealth of information!

Thinking about getting back to work during your retirement to keep the mind stimulated and the pocket book a little thicker? Then it is very important that you consider the economy of the area you are thinking of retiring in. Make sure it’s a healthy economy to better your chances of finding decent employment. Check out the local libraries, chambers and townships in the areas you are looking to retire in to find out about job opportunities.

Be cognizant of the areas you are thinking of retiring in. Is the perfect little retirement house a great deal because it’s in a crime-ridden neighborhood? You want your retirement years to be relaxing and stress free, not spent worrying about your personal safety. Again, get assistance from local libraries or townships. Both entities are abundant with information about the safety of their neighborhoods!

Okay. We’ve all done it. Pulling the kitchen chair over to the counter to use as a ladder to reach that can that’s just beyond our fingertips! Well, during our retirement years, we really do not want to be using any sort of assistance in reaching anything. That being said, when looking for a new home to retire in, make sure you consider the features in the house. Is it single story with little or no stairs? Are the bathrooms fitted with grab bars and safety features? Are your washer and dryer conveniently located for you so you’re not lugging laundry all over the house? But, most importantly! Make sure all shelving and storage is accessible to reach from your own two feet!

Finally, if possible, rent the place you are thinking about retiring in for one year before buying it. This will give you ample opportunity live in the community and make sure it has everything you need and that you are happy to retire there!